GUI traktor crashing inside a playlist

Hi guys, I'm here again to give a not very good feedback.

I don't know if the problem is version 3.6.0 that is causing this visual problem.

I realized after several tests and screen recordings, that traktor gives a bug in the visual GUI, not affecting the music itself but the traktor GUI.

It is visually "stuck" as if it was losing FPS, when I'm inside a playlist, when I go to the Collection folder the crash decreases, when I reopen the playlist it continues with visual crash.

I have a macbook pro 2015 with Catalina system, NVME SSD 1 TB, I have in my collection, playlist and 20 thousand tracks. (I'm an open format dj, and I also use my CDs copied into the library)

I used a capture card, I didn't use any program to capture this video, so I wouldn't use my macbook's resources anymore.

I'm uploading a video with the ticket.

as it's not a problem that affects the audio I'm focusing on the quick solution of this problem.. but it's annoying to see something crashing in a very good system.



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