Feature request - Compressor - Gate, for the big Mixer FX rotary buttons

Terrordisco Member Posts: 26 Helper

The venue I've had a residency at for years had a Pioneer mixer a few years back that had a Compressor-gate effect on the big rotary dials above the faders (the ones usually used for a filter).

If you turned it to the left it would activate a Gate, with a threshold that moved upwards as you turned leftwards, cutting out more and more. If you moved the dial to the right, it would compress the sound. This was a nice feature to have, especially the compressor, as it would help with certain tracks that didn't fit the overall sound dynamics of the set.

The gate could be a macro effect, bringing in elements of a transient shaper, to make the effect more gradual, less of a jagged sound.

Effecting in that direction would offer an alternative to "filtering out" a track (or using something like a slicer), in gradually removing the density of a track mixing out (or the opposite for mixing in). It'd also be a nice hotfix for something too drenched in environmental sound or reverb.


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