[Part 1] Learn how to use your Maschine MK3 in this Beat Making masterclass 🎥

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Our beloved product specialist Boris takes you through the ins and outs of the Maschine world, covering everything from setting up, getting started with creating, arranging and wrapping up your projects.

Discover below the themes included in part 1 ⬇️

Chapter 1 - Getting started

Learn how to download Native Access, register your MASCHINE MK3, download MASCHINE software from the Factory Library, connect your MASCHINE, set your preferences, and troubleshoot installation issues.

Find below some troubleshooting documentation and helpful resources:

Chapter 2 - The Maschine Controller

Learn about every button and knob on the MASCHINE hardware, including the velocity-sensitive pads, group buttons, encoder knobs, and more.

Chapter 3 - The Maschine Library

Learn how to browse sounds, load existing projects from the library, start a new project, load and erase sounds, layer loops and one shots, and save samples to your personal user library.

Useful support articles regarding Maschine Library:

Chapter 4 - Creating Rhythms

Learn how to use the Metronome, Auto-Length, Undo/Redo, Clear, Quantize, Swing, Pattern, and Note Repeat functions.

For a deeper dive on the Note Editing function check out Jeff Gibbons full tutorial:

Chapter 5 - Create Melodies and Chords

Learn how to activate keyboard mode in MASCHINE, use an external MIDI keyboard with your MASCHINE setup, change scales in Keyboard mode, add harmonies with Chords mode, transpose chords, and use the Note Repeat arpeggiator function.

Let Jeff Gibbons takes you through an in-depth exploration of the Chords Mode:

'How to Use Everything in Maschine part 1' is now available on our YouTube channel 👇

Let us know what was your key takeaway and don't forget to check out the part 2 for more tips and tricks ⬇️

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