How can I stop a pattern's reverb/delay bleeding into next section in song mode?

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My first scene had a synth vst with long decay and lots of sustain. When I set it up in song mode, the sustain bleeds into the next section. Ah I thought, I will automote the pattern to turn the volume completely off. So I did that - first I did it on the 'sound' volume, that didn't work, so I did it on the VST's volume and that didn't work -

While in 'ideas' mode, the automation works perfectly and the sound cuts off just where I want it to. But when I go into song mode, alas the problem continues. At the moment I'm working in Maschine stand-alone. I guess down the line when I put this project into my DAW, I can sort it then, but I'd much rather sort it within Maschine. But how?

UPDATE: So as I was writing this, I had another idea. I created another pattern and automated that with zero volume and placed it in the song where I want the sounds not to bleed - and this works. Thinking about this, this seems to be a good things as in other projects I might want some lovely reverb/delay effects to linger on into the next scene and I'll be able to control how long it bleeds for.

I realise my question has turned into a solution - perhaps not the best solution. But if there are other points to consider on this I'd appreciate them.

All best. B.

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