Traktor pro 3 with Apple M1max / X1 no longer works

dino bastieri
dino bastieri Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


I just migrated from my old macbookpro (late 2011 under intel) to my brand new one with the M1 chip.

When I open my traktor on the new macbook, several things seem strange to me:

- My X1 controller (first generation) is no longer recognized by the system.

- Visual definition of the interface of Traktor by very clear.

- System incompatibility with the AUDIO 10 CONTROL PANEL app. Therefore some outputs (1/2) of my Audio10 remain locked to PHONO. And not possible to change via the preferences in Traktor.

- More access to Traktor update in Native Access. All my other native tools yes but not Traktor.

- Also the screen scrolling of the interface (up/down; right/left) is slowed down and not precise.

Thank you all for your feedback :)


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