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I tested it through the beta but did my first show with 3.6 last night. All very stable but Ozone sounded fantastic and kept my levels bang on (ive never been great with my levels) but pattern player was just amazing to use. I used all 4 fx banks, controlled by a midi fighter twister (thanks @Stevan) and it was just so much fun. I also use it on a dedicated channel. Its just so easy to use and I dont have to stress about keeping everything in sync like when I do with external midi controlled gear.

Still so much that can be done to improve it though (see previous comments in the beta forum) but its the best thing to be added to Traktor in aaaaaages.

thanks :)



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    What mapping did you use for the twister, curious as i have one, was it a mapping you ordered specifically from Traktor Mappings or one that was available. was thinking about a mapping for the very same reason to go along with my xp1 that steven made for me awhile back.


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    I was really looking forward to the Pattern Player... but after trying it sad to say it's really strange... kinda goofy... sound is cheap...and pretty mush the same as a remix deck... Plus you lose an effects unit.... I just can't understand how NI with all its survey content decided to put this feature as it's number one priority...?

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    I was underwhelmed too. It just seems too basic. Only one sound at a time, no way to load your own sounds, and only preset patterns.

    More recently I discovered that Traktor already has a step sequencer (since 2016), which looks far more capable. Unfortunately it's not accessible unless you have certain NI hardware connected.

    IMO if the step sequencer was made accessible directly from the software and openly mappable, there would be no need for the pattern player.

  • daveb124
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    I was also a little underwhelmed at first, and yeah I thought the sounds were a little on the quiet side ( so much so that I was outputting it to both decks C&D to begin with) but after using it on an actual set playing it really loud, I was actually turning the volume down on the player so as not to overwhelm the tracks being played. But I don't use the kick at all, something about it doesn't sound right, I just use the rest of the percussion for adding an extra high hat or ratcheted clap or snare whilst playing with the pitch and decay for a bit of variety on break downs etc.

    And its true its not a replacement for an actual drum machine or a proper sequencer but for just adding a little something extra on the fly I think it works really well. Its just really instantly accessible without having to worry about clock drift or things like that. And its fun. I even had my 7 year old having a go whilst I was mixing.

    I never really enjoyed using the step sequencer with the F1, always found the remix decks too fiddly to stay on top of in the mix. This is much better.

    And more sound packs and user programmable patterns are coming in the roadmap. Being able to add your own samples would be great though.

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    The step sequencer is mappable. There are mappings for it available for many devices. I made some myself for AKAI APC Mini and F1. Check out DJ Tech Tools for a good selection. And yes, i don't see the need for the pattern player either.

  • daveb124
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    see the original Pattern Player ideas thread from the beta forum. Please upvote and add any other ideas you may have to improve it:

  • daveb124
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    just got my f1 out to try the step sequencer again and i cant see a way to adjust pitch or decay on the samples in the remix deck....

  • Sûlherokhh
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    What mapping are you using?

    Edit: I just remembered that you can't map pitch or decay. What you can do is use a 'User'-mapping and the default remix deck mapping both. You can switch between the two with SHIFT+BROWSE. Use the default mapping to adjust pitch/sample length/starting point etc, then use the user mapping to customize the pattern, pattern length and swing.

    When i plan to use the step sequencer i use 2x F1, one as Remix Deck control, the other as step sequencer. The second set of faders i assign the controls for SlotFXAmount.

    This is the user mapping i made for the step sequencer, using the NI step sequencer mapping as a template:


    There are of course a lot more out there.

  • Stevan
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    Here is the optimized Twister mapping for all three FX Unit Modes. Check it out.

    It is four banks mapping because I love playing patterns with Twister and no other hardware.

    My config is Units 1-2-3 as Pattern Players and then my FX Unit 4 is Single effect.

    There is also the rotary mixer page for those who don't have access to channels C and D. Most of time, I got mine assigned to Deck D which is also playing a Remix Deck Sequencer. The Duck button is mapped but I don't use it. This could be mapped to some better feature.

  • daveb124
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    Amazing thanks @Stevan I'm going to try this later on !

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    I don't see the pattern player on my traktor software does anyone know why ? Please let me know thanks

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    "Pattern player is awesome" .... REALLY ??

    Non-editable, only one single instrument at a time, single non-editable sound kit ... Pattern Player is way too limited right now to be really usefull.

    I see absolutely no creative use of this thing compared to (for exemple) an external Maschine.

    I cant even imagine how the hell NI decided to release such a limited tool in Traktor ...

  • Stevan
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    Comparing the Pattern Player to any DAW is like comparing an RC to an actual airplane. It is not perfect yet but also it is not absolutely useless either.

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