Where is the "load pattern" maschine-1 gone... or can load a group with...

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in Maschien 1 there was an option to load patterns /lot of of patterns to a KIT....

I really miss this feature! WHY?

I have special "patterns" i maybe want to use in 80% of all my KITS.

For example a simple a KIT-Export-Pattern! A special 2-bars Pattern will export the first 8 SLOTS each of a Kit ) i dont use more than 8 slots in my kits...) track/sound/sample. If i (however) need a SEPERATET (clear) close HH or Kit-Sound #7 need.. I just put this 4 BAR_Pattern (just SLOT A half bar, SLOT B a half bar... and so on...)... i put this "clip into my DAW_drimmaschine "slice it the half bar" and i now have access to all MASCHIEN_DRUM_KIT (from this song) sepperatly. Well, i could also "EXPORT KIT", but believe me, this way is faster/ smarter!

Or i have Snare Rolls with complex Velocitys or special hihats with trips/dots....

HOWEVE. in Maschine 1 i could save/import such patterns... in MK3 ist gone:-C

Of course MK3 is great to create new patterns... really great... but i would nevertheless want an option... PROTECT eg. PATTERN 9-16 (depinding on prefences) from "load with patterns" or if the old-one LOAD Pattern(s) (where i could organize my rolls, hiahats...etc....) come back!

BTW: the "sequencer/piano/Editor..." is the MOST underdeveloped THINK in all Maschine!

And for me: THE HW and the SW must not be "mirrored" - your CONCEPT_Madness HW must mirror SW... (vice versa) is very slowing down the devolpingp progress... Some things are in SW better, Faster, smarter .... some thinks are in HW better, fasterm, smarter ... Dont TRY to mirror it, by breaken the bones!

As said the SW_"piano-Roll ( Sequencer... is the (for me) the top-most 1990 part of the whole Machine_Concept - i dont need exactls the same tings in the Controller... i just WANT rudimentary DAW-features on the SW... 1,2, 3, 4 for TOOLS ... a ZOOM Pian-Bar... , a Key/Scale (HIDE unused...) Piano/KIT-Editor.... some Automation-curves, differnet auto-raster for automation/Notes... ... Midi-Fx... just the BASI CS of an 20222 DAW!

That would be nice. And NO, no, no.... not of them must HW-mirrored... THE HW is for ITS things great and the SHOULD be for ITS things! So long, just the HW is greqt. The SW is... ;_)

There must be NO MIRROR_Madness.... !!!!

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