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Brad Yost
Brad Yost Anacortes, WA, USA Member Posts: 141 Tri

I have a tech tip for more advanced users;

(and NO... I'm not dissing New York, the rest of you... get your mind out of the loo... 🤣)

When I get done for the day on a large session (or moving to another large session) of my standard 100+ instrument scoring template, I will flush the RAM using two commands in RamMap:

  • Empty Standby List
  • Empty Working Sets
  • F5 Refresh

[I have written a batch file that does both of these in succession by CMD prompt and saved a shortcut to a corner of my desktop, but it can easily be done from the menu in the RamMap executable.]

Over the years I've found that some Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt, and UVI loaded instruments will not self flush when closing the project session and/or the DAW, leaving up to 7Gb of ram still filled with sample data/Instrument instances (files are easily visible in the File Summary of the RM app.)

This assures that when I put the machine to sleep for the night, or just change to a different project/app/function, that I'm not leaving anything floating in RAM that can interfere or get hashed.

Happy flushing... 😁

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