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I need some help with workflow. I'm about to pull the trigger on buying maschine mk3. I've been looking at all the alternatives too. It's seriously doing my head in. What's the most fluid way to make complete tracks with maschine? I'm thinking of running Maschine as a vst within my DAW. The DAW is setup with a template that has the kick, bass and various other audio parts sent to separate audio busses. The main midi track maschine is loaded on triggers the various scenes via note. Then for melodies and other elements they'll be on their own tracks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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    Multitracking in your DAW is also the way I would go to. Using Maschine mostly to lay down grooves, record sounds and chop samples and then taking care of the arrangement in the DAW for the convenience.

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    Just sketch in Maschine, it has no real value for full song creation if you already use a DAW, can it be done, yes, but it will take longer than any DAW.

    Just use it to create content that you will use elsewhere and it is good for that, kind of treat it like a games machine, enjoy playing with it, then export and use the content you created in it, in a DAW.

    It is also worth noting that Maschine offers nothing at all in terms of routing that would warrant loading plugins inside as you suggest for MIDI triggering melodies inside your DAW, you would do better to just load them direct in your DAW and bypass Maschine entirely for that, unless you need content only available inside Maschine.

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    Two ways:

    1. Make your full track in Maschine standalone. Then bounce out the stems to a DAW do the vocals and mix and master there (and cut/paste stuff around to edit the arrangement).

    2. Load it as a vst in a DAW. You don't need worry about routing at first, you can just work in Maschine, use it's own mixer, and add other stuff in on other tracks in the DAW. Then if you need to split the tracks you can record into or drag in the audio stems to the daw.

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    How I use Maschine depends on the project, but for full songs I write & arrange as much as possible within Maschine standalone; I tend to flesh everything out in Ableton Live afterwards since the grouping feature helps me gain-stage like a motherfudger.

    For less "composed" pieces of music, I basically make a bunch of loops in a Maschine project that could be arranged in any order, then use my Maschine controller to record performances to Ableton Live's session view. Say I want to make Techno or some weird amorphous noise-idm thing, I'd create the Maschine project to be a sort of instrument in and of itself, then jam out lock states/perform FX/Macro knob movements into Live, to be tweaked/edited into a coherent track.

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