I can't link my Beatport/Beatsource Account to TRAKTOR Pro 3.5.3



  • aikeddie
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    Hi everyone

    This worked for me:

    TRAKTOR 3.6.0 - Workaround for Beatport Login-Problems on Windows — Native Instruments Community (native-instruments.com)

    An additional step before 5:

    • Manually uninstall Traktor 3 Pro and add serial to Native Access 1


  • rmn
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    The entire Beatport integration is pointless and buggy. It is a nice gimmick but it has no business in professional DJ software aimed at stability, reliability, and performance. An external online dependency beyond our control is an unacceptable risk in live performance. So why build it in your live performance software?!

    At least consider providing a binary without all the bloatware.

  • gurlib1
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    I got it to work after I dont know how many attemptes. I canceled the Beatbort subscription and tried to login in Traktor/preferences/streaming and it WORKED.

  • rokon21
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    had same problem.... if you can't make it better, leave it alone. was going to buy ugrade komplete, but after this experience, no way. thanks to Discostoff link, downgraded and beatport link works again. if NI spent more of the budget on good coders instead of marketing people then products would sell themselves.

  • Ralf_muc
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    Hi Guys!

    I had this same issue today, 23rd December 2022 with Traktor Pro 3.6.2 329.

    The Solution from kiki worked for me! :-)


    @NI: please consider to revise the solution from kiki.

    After I implemented the two commandlines propesed by Kiki, I opened Traktor, klicked to login to beatport, a browser opened and the browser asked me if it was allowed to open Traktor.

    So, my conclusion is, that when Traktor is being installed, that two commandlines are missing and/or when Traktor is updated, the new location of the current (new) Traktor .exe isn't updated in the Registry properly.

    Since this thread is now some months old, I think this solution should be implemented somewhen soon :-)



  • Hebrard
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    Je vient de prendre à l essai traktor pro plus et aussi Beatsource.

    Je pensais que tout se passait bien jusqu'à ce que je fasse glisser un morceau de beatsource vers les décors et là surprise message d erreur

    "Download/ network error"


    "File can not be played . The file May be missing, corrupt or unsupported"

    Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider ?

    Merci d'avance.

  • Hawk45
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    I see there hasn't been an update for a bit, but I just got my S2 MK3 two days ago, registered it with NI, upgraded my controller to the most recent software version, downloaded Traktor PRO3 and was able to easily link up Beatport Streaming following the instructions on their site. You do have to have the $15 play and be signed into both Beatport and Beatport Streaming I think. Tracks only took a few seconds to load

    1. Download or upgrade to Traktor Pro 3.
    2. Install and open.
    3. Open Traktor Preferences > Streaming > [Streaming Subscription required] Login to Beatport with your Beatport username and password.
    4. Find all your playlists > Curated Playlist and Top 100 in the left panel.

  • Dj Wask
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    any comments, im using 3.9 and not work.....

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