Native Access downloads are slow

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Right now it is around 4AM Sydney Australia (8PM Berlin)

Your internet downloads are currently slow - averaging 30Mbps over the last few hours

My cable internet is fast - 250Mbps and stable night and day

I have read several other question posts regarding this but the response typically queries the user's setup, configuration etc

Accordingly, I have done comparative speed tests with similar sites using the same computer, network, time and settings


I'm using latest version of Native Access and "Install All" option - 193 items

To check my internet connection while Native Access was downloading, I simultaneously ran a speed test

The speed test averaged over 200Mbps download and 22Mbps upload

Native Access still maintained an average of 30Mbps while the speed test was running


netstat -e shows 0 packet Discards, 0 Errors

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=121ms TTL=58

Just prior to the above, I downloaded a full 2Gbytes update of Steinberg products - averaging 200-280Mbps 


Main occupation is network engineer

Windows 10 is fully updated Version 10.0.19043.1766

CPU i7 12-core, 32GBytes memory

Computer has been restarted

Windows Event Viewer shows no Critical or Error messages

Not using a VPN

No other apps running

Not using file sharing, syncing, cloud apps etc

Maybe it is due to congestion and there are better times to attempt big downloads, if you could please advise



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  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,131 mod
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    @tomni We don't recommend the install all button. Please also be aware that our support agents can provide alternative links when users have too many difficulties downloading through Native Access. If you need to, here is a link to get in touch with them:


  • Kubrak
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    I guess NI does not provide more than aprox 30Mbps. I have never had more. And I am in Europe not that far from Berlin....

    I always buy Komplete including installation media. It often costs less than download version..... If I need to downlod bigger NI updates, I let it run over the night...

    30Mbps seems to me to be quite OK, but it would be good, if NA would allow downloads of several items concurently, if one has good internet connection....

  • PK The DJ
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    It's working fine here in the UK.

    Today I purchased the new Empire Breaks which is 3.11GB and it took less than a minute.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,131 mod
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    @tomni We don't recommend the install all button. Please also be aware that our support agents can provide alternative links when users have too many difficulties downloading through Native Access. If you need to, here is a link to get in touch with them:

  • tomni
    tomni Member Posts: 3 Member

    Thanks Jeremy,

    No I wouldn't recommend the install all button either. but there were 193 NI items to download

    Tonight the NI link averaged round 60Mbps (2:30pm Berlin time)

  • NigelP
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    I live in Melbourne, Australia and have a stable 1Gbps link that has currently taken over 1hr to download 282MB and it's still going! Sadly this is my usual experience with NI downloads, but not with any other downloads, so there's clearly an issue somewhere in the pipeline between Berlin and Australia that needs investigating and resolving.

    Also, if you don't want people to use 'Update all' or 'Install all', then don't provide the buttons! If they're there, they need to work properly.

    I'm not looking for any investigation of my home setup, it's fine, but would be happy to participate in the fault finding and resolution.

    1. Let's identify where the delay is.
    2. Let's determine what it would take to resolve it.
    3. Schedule and communicate corrective action.



  • Stymoid
    Stymoid Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    You guys (NI) need to update your installer. You don't recommend the "Install all" option, yet there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel it once initiated. I can't even close out of the program as it states "please wait until all installations are finished". Pretty archaic stuff we're working with.

  • softigger
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    It's surprising because I haven't seen such problems. For example, I use uptime tracker - to detect problems on the site. But now the site works stably. ping test also showed no problems.

    This leads to 2 conclusions:

    1. At that time, there were indeed problems on the project server.

    2. Problems on the part of your Internet provider.

  • mikebp
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    I have the same issue, and oddly enough, also based in Australia. I have a 1Gbps fibre link and Laptop (MacBook Pro Intel 2020) connected via Ethernet to router. I get 900Mbps+ during non-peak times, and a good 350Mbps in very heavy download periods, so it's not the network / Internet congestion. Using Wireshark (network packet tracer), I can see that the downloads are accessing an Akamai server located near me ( - Brisbane, Australia - average ping time is 2.1ms!) and it does seem like the Akamai server is throttling the download speed. Every once in a while a new download via Native Access will achieve a speed of up to ~300-500Mbps, but I think that happens for complete downloads, i.e. it doesn't burst to that speed during a current slow download. Right now I'm trying to download Lores 72.33GB and it is downloading at ~25Mbps...

    My guess is the Akamai service is throttling. If you have another download location that would be appreciated. I hope this information helps NI discover where the issue is.

  • mikebp
    mikebp Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    edited May 28

    As a follow-up to my last post, I've now started to download Choir - Omnia (70.79GB) and it's sitting around 300Mbps, but this time I can see (using Wireshark) that the server is a different one. Still in Australia. MUCH faster.

  • Underscore
    Underscore Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I am downloading Samplemodeling Solo Strings (5.43 GB).

    My download speed is 655Mbps (upload 35Mbps), tested mid-download. Strangely, it is downloading at a relatively consistent pace of almost exactly 30Mbps (2.92GB – 3.14GB in one minute). This isn't that big a deal for a small download such as this, but I'm worried about bigger downloads.

    I was able to download, install, and test with Wireshark to see that the source IP is, a server quite near me (although I could be testing wrong, in which case I have no idea what server it's downloading from).

    Why is it capped at 30Mbps? I first assumed it was due to not purchasing full Kontakt, but that would be strange.

  • Baptistmann
    Baptistmann Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    I'm having the same issue in South Africa, I spent most of last night talking to my Internet provider trying to resolve the issue and there is nothing wrong with their side it is definitely NI. If I download anything else from anywhere else I can get roughly 50mbps but I only get 5mbps with Native Access and I'm downloading Ultimate one by one :(that like watching paint dry)

    can anyone help us PLEASE NI !

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