I'm just disappointed

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hey, as a long time traktor user i'm just disappointed of how things currently are.

you have the hardware with so much potential and you are updating it with the snail's pace.

fixes for s4 mk3 that would be actual useful

1 make it rotate backwards when reverse is active

2 fix the sluggish behavior of jog light in jog mode

3 make it so that if you speed up or slow down in tt mode the jog speed reacts accordingly

About the state of traktor

why you refuse to listen to your community, instead of listening and implementing features that actually matter?

you rather focus on the new stupid subscription model

and give us things that nobody asked for.

how about:

1 implementing elastique beatgrids

2 implementing horizontal waveforms

3 removing the useless size limit of set recordings and implementing new recording formats ,such as MP3 or flac

4 make it lightweight and stable

5 make it fully vectorial so it looks nice at modern high res screens

6 implement video mixing

and many many more

PS. Its seems like you had your ears plugged for all this years and its a shame because traktor is an awesome piece of software that lacks behind for no reason at all!



  • lord-carlos
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    There is only so much you can code if the only developer is the janitor that sometimes finds an unlocked computer at NI office :))))

    That said they promise a public roadmap in the next few month and they have internal builds with elastique beatgrids. They do promise a lot of things on a long day though 🤷‍♀️ We will see.

  • Mutis
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    Kilroy was here…

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,763 mod

    Welcome to the club. I find myseld dissapointed each time I open a new version of Traktor and see that there is only 8 modifiers in there. Asking for at least 16 modifiers for more than 10 years now!!!

    Supporting Traktor community ever since 2008 and have nearly 100 mappings with over 100K downloads online. Yet NI never endorsed me in any way. Yes they don't care at all.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Sad to hear this. It would appear that NI have a unique and bizarre way of building and maintaining customer base. Powers that be don’t really seem to listen to what really matters with their customers and implementing those changes, or to be seen too.

  • windas33
    windas33 Member Posts: 3 Member

    Oh and i forgot to mention the ridiculous new price in my country, s4 mk3 is currently 1000 PLN more, which is a lot aka 4200 PLN current price, ridiculous!!

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  • fanatax
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    regarding your issues with traktor

    2): there are horizontal waveforms in traktor right now. haven't you found them yet? o.O

    3) it's stable on my macbook. never had any crash or any audio dropout.

  • s4mk3
    s4mk3 Member Posts: 33 Helper
    • haptic feedback could use options for how sensitive the feedback is in TT mode
    • ability to change pitch control in TT mode (because of the shorter fader -6/+6 or -4/+4 would be nice. Or having the ability to permanently change it)
    • disable zero pitch light ( having to switch from TT mode to jog mode, move the fader to turn it off is annoying)
    • on screen moving waveforms. think its been long enough that this should be a standard option.
  • ilove1981
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    You say that you wish NI delivered useful things and then literally asked for three things nobody will ever die in a ditch for:

    1 make it rotate backwards when reverse is active

    2 fix the sluggish behavior of jog light in jog mode

    3 make it so that if you speed up or slow down in tt mode the jog speed reacts accordingly

    Of all the "How about" suggestions, I think everyone would agree with "Elastic beatgrids" and "Retina support". Horizonal waveforms are already thing. Traktor is also actually pretty lightweight and very stable.

    I'm hoping the subscription will support more releases (I've subscribed). Happy to give it a year to find out.

  • Punky921
    Punky921 Member Posts: 5 Member

    We've had horizontal waveforms for years - turn them on, they're great!

    Definitely agree with you about TT mode though. That'd be really nice and I'm surprised it wasn't implemented that way out the gate.

  • dj_estrela
    dj_estrela Member Posts: 158 Pro

    So painful. I haven't got a single new feature that I actually use in years

    We asked over and over for just more copies of existing stuff, and got ignored.

    Surely this is by far the simplest thing to implement. Just more of stuff:

    - modifiers count

    - FX units

    - conditions count

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,763 mod
    edited July 2022

    Yes, it hurts. I still love Traktor and use it every day...

    One day, when I become a millioner :) I will buy Traktor of NI and make it right :)

  • Scratch-E Con
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    I've been a 100% Traktor user since 2015. Right now it's 50% Traktor and 50% Serato. Let's see if the new subscription model will change the balance back to NI.

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