XZero to Gate Not Working

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Hey Everyone,

I am running into another mystery problem on the audio effect ensemble I am working on. colB very kindly solved the last issue that I had, but now it's something else!

Here's what's going on: I am trying to control an AR Envelope with a Gate signal derived from the Core "XZero to Gate" Macro which is wired up to incoming Audio. It's not working. When I look inside the Macro, the signal path looks fine until it reaches the first Router in the series after which point the wire shows a "not available" message. This message also shows up after the second Router (which is wired to the first, of course). Testing the Ensemble confirms that the AR Envelope is not engaging. Here are some screenshots:

Any ideas what is happening here?? I can also upload the Ensemble if that's helpful. Thanks!


  • colB
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    the wire shows a "not available" message

    This just means that the value of the event is not used so has been removed by the compiler. The gate uses pure events with no value to signify on and off. So that's expected behaviour and unrelated to whatever problem you are having.

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    Thanks, colB! I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

    OK, that makes sense. So it is difficult to debug, I take it, if you cannot discern whether the Macro is sending Gate information or not. As far as I can tell, the AR Env is not functioning, so I assumed it was a problem with the Gate – but perhaps not!

    This is the Ensemble, by the way.

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    It's pretty easy - just setup a counter with a numeric display, and that will count events.

    Just need to connect it up through to the top core level - best option there is to use a reception bus (scoped busses) at the top level of the core cell, and connect it to the numeric display in Primary.

    Built in Wire debugging is not that great anyway, because it misses values between display refreshes, so for that to be useful, you often need to use a peak detector or similar.

  • weissmf
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    Thank you, colB! I appreciate your help here. I will set up the event counter as you describe and give that a go. Best – Michael

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    The XzeroToGate sends a Gate On at zero crossing from negative to positive and it sends Gate Off at zero crossing from positive to negative. This happens for an audio signal in your .ens.

    Not sure how the AR reacts to that fast following On and Offs or if this is intended by you in general?

    Edit: The AR Module´s Attack is set to 3 seconds and release to around 5 seconds...

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