How to install third party Kontakt library on Native Access 2?

Morris B.
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to install the Celesta (NKS) library by Sonokinetic. I have downloaded the files with the Sonokinetic Manager and they are in the same folder as the NI libraries (.../user/shared). I have copied the serial number and pasted it in Native Access 2.0.7 after clicking "Add Serial". I also got a message saying "Success. You have successfully registered your product." But afterwards it doesn't show up neither in Native Access 2 nor in Kontakt 5 / Kontakt 6 Player. Which is surprising because I already bought it a while back and it had worked before on my old laptop. According to this article

I should be able to browse to the location of the files, but I don't see an option to do that in Native Access 2 either. Am I doing something wrong? Or is that a function that doesn't yet exist in the new version of Native Access?

Any help would be appreciated.

Best wishes

PS: I posted this exact question twice already, and after editing it to include the link to the article, correct two typos and add a tag I got error messages each time and my post disappeared. 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip running Monterey 12.4., in case that's relevant. First time on Firefox 102.0.1, second time on Safari 15.5 just a couple of minutes ago. I'll attach photos of the error messages and hope my post stays up this time.



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