cannot install Native Access 2 / dependencies

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Hi, I cannot install Native Access 2 in my computer.

In installing, this message appeared

"Please grant permission to Native Access to install fependencies. Please restart Native Access and try again."

I saw the article this error message appears in Mac, but my computer's OS is Windows11.

Do you know a solution for this problem in Windows11 ?

Please help me!😭

OS : Windows 11 Home (ver. 21H2)

Processer : Core(TM) i7-12700  2.10 GHz

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    Hey all, the issue seems to be broader now.

    If you get the error message on Mac, simply open Activity Monitor and force quit the ntkdaemon process, that should do the trick.

    If you are on Windows, it's a bit more tricky. You would need to get in touch with our customer support here:

    If it's an emergency and you don't want to wait, you can always downgrade to Native Access 1: How to Downgrade Native Access 2 to Native Access 1



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