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Hello Native family! Thankfully, I've never had an issue with setting up third-party libraries in Native Access until this week. Orange Tree Samples had their group buy sale, and I decided to take advantage to pick up a banjo and mandolin. I added the serial number and got the "You have successfully registered your product" message for both products. But when I go to the Available tab in order to locate the library, there is no card there to locate the downloaded library file. Same thing for the All tab. I've tried restarting my computer and Native Access to no avail. I'm currently on Native Access 2.0.7. One of the customer support reps at Orange Tree also confirmed that it has been added to my Native Instruments account.

I had previously set up the Heavyocity's Foundations Stacco Strings and Piano in Native Access, but those aren't show up either, though they are still showing up in Kontakt itself. Has anyone else had a similar issue and fixed it?



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    Here is what worked for me per Native Instrument's support:

    "At the moment those libraries only become visible in Native Access after turning on the Legacy Toggle function.

    To do that, please open the Preferences of Native Access and go to the Legacy Products section.

    There please turn on the toggle for "Show discontinued products"

    After restarting Native Access the libraries should be visible.

    Our development team is already working on a fix for this issue, which should get implemented in the upcoming update."


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