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Hello everyone,

My name's Kano, I'm from Paris and I've been making music with Maschine since 2013. It's the only software/hardware I've ever used to do so and I love it !

Now that I'm scoring, things got a bit more complicated though. It seems that a lot of people working on scoring adds/movies use Logic because of the small video interface it has inside the main window that is synced with the song timeline. Makes it easy to match the music with the images in real time.

I know this kind of feature is not willing to happen anytime soon,

BUT I was wondering if there was a way to pin a video window (the video) to make it stand in front of the Maschine interface and to sync the "play/restart" buttons with the video window and the Maschine hardware.

Also, I know this has been put on the table many times but the possibility to change tempo inside of the same project (which is vital in scoring) would be awesome !

To conclude, if anyone has tips to share concerning scoring workflows with or without Maschine, I'd love to hear about it !




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    Couldn't you just load Maschine as a plugin in Logic (or Reaper)?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @kaano you can actually send MIDI clock from Maschine to your video software to sync. This article explains how - just replacing Traktor with your video software. 🙂

  • D-One
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    Yeah, you can use MIDI Clock or Ableton Link to a DAW, including any free ones; there are also some VST's that play video out there.

  • kaano
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    Thanks a lot guys for all these suggestions !

    For the past few months, the best solution I have experienced was using a software called VidplayVST 2, which works perfectly fine. It makes you able to sync videos with your DAW, and it's cheap.

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