How can I get the maschine software?

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I bought a brand new Maschine Mikro Mk3 and I've putted the license from the black card and then native acces suppoused to install essentials, factory selection, massive, monark and prism. But they are not anywhere, not listed on windows start and never asked me for vst and vst2 folder, so there is no pluggins on my daw and no apps on windows. On programs files appears only massive and reaktor inside the native instruments folder. I've uninstall everything from NI and started from zero but it's the same result once and agian and agian. Have been long hours trying to find out what happend and honestly I'm thinking to give up. This should be very different I think, I mean, the softwares seems to only exist in the imaginary world of native acces software but in the reality don't and I'm feeling like I have a very expensive useless and pretty black box full of buttons.

Can someone give me some light on this subject, please?

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