How setup Maschine, M32 and Traktor s4 MK3

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Hi hello,

I'm a DJ for many years and for some time also trying to produce with Maschine live into my mixes. Right now I use Traktor as main (and monitor) output and use a L+R jack cable from Maschine output into any deck (L+R RCA) I prefer at that given time (depends on if I use vinyl and/or a microphone as well). That way I can manage the output volume of my Maschine into the mix and use headphones for all four inputs before mixing them live.

My question; Is there a better way (and to to maybe also 'clear' the channel Maschine is using) for the output of my music? Maybe an audio interface with 2x LR line in?

I also would love to record what I'm producing.


  • olafmol
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    Use a free (Dj) mixer channel? You don’t necessarily need to connect your Maschine audio out into Traktors internal mixer, you can also use a Dj mixer (if you use that).

    you can also use Link to sync Maschine with Traktor over a network connection, so they always run in sync

  • DjObed
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    hi Olafmol, thank you for your reply.

    I know I can use Maschine and traktor separate and that you can link them. Link is good except that I’d like to only use bpm link and mix them manually but that is a different story 😊

    The problem with use Maschine and Traktor like you explained is 1) the volume control of Maschine, it’s quite a procedure (press volume and turn the knob but it’s not fast like that compared to a fader). And 2) is headphones. Before I mix machine or another song with traktor, I’d like to hear if all is correct before the audience hear it.

    Any suggestions are welcome 🤗

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    With an external mixer you can simply use the fader of the dedicated Maschine channel. Also use the cue for cue’ing. Simple and effective.

    Not entirely sure about the S4 mk3 but can’t you use its inputs to give the machine audio it’s own channel with gain, fader volume and cue?

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