Native Access downloading 'Product' failed could not find the downloader

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I have Komplete 11. I am using NativeAccess to upload some libraries and install some ones that have been sitting there for some time.

I've upgraded NativeAccess to the latest version today to ensure everything is up to date.

I'm on Windows 10.

I have checked the preferences to ensure the locations are correct and each one is different and correct.

I can use my existing NI instruments in my DAW with no issue.

When in NativeAccess I click on Install for a new product or update for the ones that need updating I get the same error almost instantly:

Downloading 'Product' failed could not find the downloader.

I get the same error no matter which product I try to download or update.

Any pointers or experience with the same issue appreciated. I couldn't find anything in the support section on NativeAccess or on Google.



  • Uwe303
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    have you tried to log out and log in again, maybe native access does not have internet access. I guess you start as admin or it automatically does Maybe trying later or tomorrow can solve it.


  • NativeUser
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    Hi Uwe,

    I tried that but it did not work as in logging out and in again. It definitely has NativeAccess, as in the machine I'm running has access for every other application.

    I tried also as administrator but it made no difference as well.


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    H, one other thing that might help, on another machine on my home network, also Windows 10, the NativeAccess downloader works, however that is not the machine that is used for music, the machine where it doesn't work is where all my various music libraries and DAW are installed and I tried it again and it still doesn't work.

    So it must be something else installed that is affecting it, have you any idea what this might be or how better to diagnose it?

    This downloader it can't find, is this in some DLL that I can check for?

  • Uwe303
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    really strange, we maybe then need help from a native guy. Have you tried to create a new user with admin rights and install under that account. sometimes windows has permission issues or so something like that.


  • Matt_NI
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    It looks like our team is on it via email. Hopefully we can find out that's happening quickly!

    I'll report here for everyone else when they find more information about this error 🙏

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    Have there been any solutions on this? I'm using Native Access 2 on my M1 MacBook Pro 14". I was unable to download any of my products. I contacted support and they sent me DMGs of Kontakt 6 and Playbox since I had just purchased. They said it was a known issue affecting only those two products, but I can't download anything or update what is installed. I tried connecting directly to my modem thinking it was an issue with my Eero router security settings, but still no joy. When I try to download the time to download goes up to about 5 hours and then I receive a "Download Failed" message. What's going on here??

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