Feature Request - Please stoping NA stealing the cursor when it's updating plugins

Martyn Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


Today I had 12 updates for various Native Instrument plugins. I hit Update All and decided to do some work. I was trying to write an email, but every few seconds, my cursor focus was being stolen by Native Access. It was so frustrating, trying to type something and having to repeatedly click on my web browser to finish what I was typing. If possible, please update Native Access to stop stealing focus when it's updating plugins.


  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,546 admin

    @Martyn Honestly never come across this report before. We just released a new version of Native Access. Have you checked it out? Hopefully it's not an issue with NA2.

  • Brad Yost
    Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro

    This is most likely related to a 'focus priority' setting on the input devices in your OS between your browser & desktop.

    I agree with @Kaiwan_NI ; have not heard of this issue in NA previously.

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