User Library glitch wont let me select my folders + mixes up content within folders

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edited June 2022 in Maschine

Been having a few serious issues with my User Library in Maschine since I first got my new MK3 on a new computer.

I have various folders in an SSD containing Drum Kits, Breaks, SFX, Samples, etc in their own separate folders.

First problem is, Maschine will not let me select certain folders on the hardware.

What happens is, I will scroll to the desired folder, and once it's highlighted, the cursor will shoot straight to the top of the list. (See video in .zip file attached)

I've also noticed that folders were duplicated in the software & hardware, and that contents of the folders were mixed up with one another.

For example, my SFX folder contains the contents from my Drum Kits folder. My Samples folder will contain the contents that are supposed to be in my SFX folder, and so on. Also a lot of WAVs in my User Library are just plain missing.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I miss making music with ease on Maschine like old times. Never had this issue on my old computer



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