My PC gots crazy stuttering and slow responsive while using Traktor Pro 3 ver3.5.2.

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My Windows PC gots huge annoying stuttering and slow respond issue while I'm using S4MK3 and the latest version of TP3. And even more, this issue has affected my PC to get slow responsive and stuttering problem after I managed to close the software. I have no choice but to forcibly shut down my PC. This happens so many times, and I found out my CPU was running 100% by some Service Program, I think this is the reason, but I don't know how to fix that.

I'm using Windows 11 system, but this issue appears just around the timing after the update. This never happened before when I'm using Windows 10 and older version of TP3.

My hardware isn't the issue because I've tested it on my Intel MacBook, using the same 3.5.2 software, runs smoothly and well. And I'm using i7-11800H and RTX3070 so the performance is not an issue.

For few times the software and system come back to normal, but the loading time and buffering track time feels slow and not responsive. And btw, I've already tried reinstall the software (so many times) and ASIO of S4MK3, but none of these works. So I'm pretty, pretty sure that the problem is on software.

I'm so disappointed because I love NI product so much. but if this cannot be fixed, I have no choice but turn to Pioneer DJ.

Please respond.


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