PC Not Detecting Maschine MK3 Hardware

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I recently purchased Mashine MK3 and initially everything seemed to install okay. I noticed that some sounds didn't appear in Mashine and after a bit of messing around I uninstalled and re-installed all my NI softwares to see if that would help things. It didn't.

Now my PC does not see my Maschine at all. Mashine when powered up just says 'Mashine ... Production and Performance System'.

When I launch stand alone Maschine2 software and power up my Maschine MK3 hardware that same screen remains. Before I obviosuly could access libraries etc on the hardware. It is a similiar situation in My DAW - Cubase 12. It doesn't allow me to use it as a general midi controller either. It never leaves the 'Mashine ... Production and Performance System' screens.

From troubleshooting online it seems that I may need a Windows service running called - 'NIHostIntegrationAgent'. However when I launch services.msc I see I do not have it. I only seem to have one NI service running called 'NIHardwareService.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.


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    Hi Nigel.

    I had that driver installed alright. It seems the problem was with the "NIHostIntegrationAgent". When I uninstalled software the first time it didn't seem to fully uninstall and left some registry entries, so then didn't reinstall correctly.

    As per some other posts I saw online, I removed completely using this tool - "NI Uninstall RegTool_64bit.exe" utility and selected "NIHostIntegrationAgent". it can be downloaded from the bottom of this page - https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003509269-Fixing-Software-Update-Installation-Issues-Windows-

    After that when i reinstalled everything using Native Access my Maschine showed up everywhere where I needed it to.

    Really appreciate your response πŸ™


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