Maschine vs Kontakt vs everything else, Loop points (Do we just put bugs here now? )

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Open sound forge, or any other software that creates sustaining loops, create a sustaining loop, save the sample.

Open in any software that is up to date, loop point is found, this includes Kontakt.

Open in Maschine, the loop is not found, but Maschine does support importing loops, older samples that saved the sustain loop to an unofficial chunk will open and have their sustain loop set in the sample editor.

Maschine needs to support the current official sustain loop chunk in the meta data of a wav file, Kontakt does.

It is also worth noting that creating a sustain loop in Maschine and then using save sample as, does not save the sustain loop, so as of right now, Maschine supports sustain loops, supports loading sustain loops, but there is no way to create them, because all other software has long since been updated to support official sustain loop chunk creation.


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    Hi @Flexi thanks for reporting. For bugs, best to contact our support here so they can verify if it is indeed a bug and log it in their system. 🙂

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    Maschine has been like this since forever, it's more the lack of functionality rather than bug, pretty silly for something that is so focused on Sampling 🤷‍♂️

    In MAS if you create loop-points in a wav file that information is not stored in the .wav itself, it's stored in the SOUND (.mxsnd or GROUP); actually, if you load an Audio file where maschine does read loop-points and use "Save Sample-As" it not only removes the loop points but also all the other metadata that might be present, it clears the chunks afaik.. lol. 😐 So, as far as saving the loop points in the audio itself it's just not supported.

    I could be wrong but I don't think there is an industry standard for storing/reading extra metadata like loop-points as that's not part of the WAV spec, different companies do it in different ways using custom chunks and Maschine only supports loading of olders ways (probably just one) but not more recent ones. It loads my very old AKAI sample CD's loops for example.

    I would agree it should read all the popular current ways of storing loop-points, and also save them in the audio-file.

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