Wishing for a Maschine Studio MK 4

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Yeah, that’s what I want, a new Maschine Studio with a built-in or maybe removable touch-screen monitor, not just “screens” stuck on the top of it. I don’t need it to be a sound interface too, ‘cause all my stuff is hooked up to Focusrite or UAD equipment. But if it comes with a sound interface that can be optionally used or not, that’s okay too.

Oh, and I’m also looking for a similar keyboard controller in a 49-key or 61-key keyboard format.

I have money. Let’s push the envelope!



  • RedwardMc
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    That's what MPC is, many people prefer the Maschine because it's more hands on control with the knobs

  • Astralbeats_225
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    Sounds like you want a fantom06 and an mpc live 2 or a mpc one

  • Mutis
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    Or just port apps into iPad and use actual hardware… oh wait!

    None of these will happen never…

  • Kubrak
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    NI could something else. Make iPad/android tablet as optional screen and controller for Maschine.

  • PorterHouseMuzik
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    I wish Native-Instruments would step up their game on the Maschine Studio. They did it for the Micro and the MK3. I have the studio I love it for its flexibility and space saving in the Lab. Upgrading the Maschine Studio to the capabilities like the MPC Live, would totally keep Native-Instruments on top!

    I must say if Native-Instruments doesn’t bring the Maschine Studio up to the competitive surface I’ll be forced to get that MPC live... But like lots of equipment I’ve collected in my life time there is just somethings I’ll never part with and the Maschine Studio will always have real estate in the lab..

    Thanks for the lead @Astrabeats_225 on the Fantom 0 series and the MPC Live.... I didn’t know they were out there.

    That Fantom is insane as well with the touch screen.. Fire!!!!

  • Astralbeats_225
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    One of my close friends just added one to his studio. It's an insane board I thoroughly enjoyed playing on it for 7 hours 😂

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