Using Stutter Edit 2 with Maschine/Plus

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Can anyone point towards any resources to help get Stutter Edit 2 setup with the Maschine SW or Maschine Plus hardware please?

I found an ADSR tutorial regarding Maschine and Stutter Edit 1, but so far I haven't found any guides for 2 that don't also involve Ableton or some other DAW.

I'm assuming it must be possible but I haven't yet managed to apply the guides for other software to a similar setup in Maschine.


  • Flexi
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    It wont work in Maschine+.

    As far as I remember (not at computer now) you put stutter edit on its own pad, route audio to that pad from the sources you want to effect, then trigger stutter edit using MIDI notes on the pad it is loaded on.

    I can double check when im back at my computer.

  • 6xes
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    YEA..trying to setup stutter-edit2 on maschine is a right PITA

    auto works by placing the VST in the group... but that doesnt give you much control over the VST parameters..

    i only managed to get 2 midi parameters to integrate with maschine's encoders... bypass & global filter

  • Jadent
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    Thanks for the responses both. I've now managed to work out a relatively simple way of doing it thanks to your advice and the info from this video where the guy explains the routing nice and clearly.

    Appreciate the quick responses! šŸ˜Ž

  • Nikal Might
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    Create a Group with Stutteredit on a Sound(don't forget to rename your group), route whatever you want to the Sound with SE on(eg the outputs of all your other groups), then record yourself triggering the gestures via MIDI notes and save them as different patterns in Maschine, then trigger the patterns with your Mk3/M+ or Jam.

    Make sure you save your Stutteredit group to eliminate one step. This works really well, especially with Jam, as you now have a library of cool FX ready to go. You just have to redo the routing if you use the same saved Group on different projects.

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