Maschine Mk3 / Maschine+ as Komplete Kontroller

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Please allow the Maschine Mk3 and Maschine+ hardware to be used as controller for Komplete Kontrol when not used to control the Maschine software.

It’s really painful to have a great piece of controller hardware on the desk unable to be used with Komplete Kontrol when working with a different DAW.

I would love to be able to control and write automation for KK instances of the various synth engines, especially Monark, using my great feeling M+.


  • Trevor Meier
    Trevor Meier Member Posts: 69 Advisor

    Yes! I'd love to see this

  • Impermanence
    Impermanence Member Posts: 121 Advisor

    This should be there already.

    Also, please add the light guide from KK keyboards to Maschine Mk3. Or tell us why it is not there.

    And the rest of the stuff also. Please add it.

    And don’t forget the screens. Graphic EQ, tuner and so on.

    Also make the sequencer better. I want to sequence chords.

    Make better implementation of chord inversions. And variation mode.

    And naming the samples is a mess.

    Double time and probability triggers. All the cool guys have them.

    Retina support 2022. GUI.

    I don’t care about tempo automation, because I’m a muggle. Add it.

    Why bother. They don’t add. That is how I feel.

  • [Deleted User]
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Impermanence
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    Just few upgrades and up-to-dates. Not much to ask. Nothing fancy. Some icing for the cake. Just To match the coffee.

  • jeblo
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    I‘m fully supporting this request, however I have solved the problem the officially proposed way:

    I‘ve bought a KK S49. I‘d really adds value to the workflow, also in Maschine.

    Nevertheless I‘m really frustrated, as I‘m willing to support the ecosystem (buying Expansions, updating my KK Ultimate), but I do expect a lot more progress in feature development (only the obvious ones, reported here since ages).

    It seems that a stand-alone Push3 is not far away. This will be the turnaround for me to fully switch the Platform and spend my Money otherwise (I like to work ITB with Ableton Live, using a hybrid approach. Maschine plus used to be the perfect promise to seamlessly connect ITB/OTB workflows).

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