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Ongaku Member Posts: 5 Member

What do yall want to see in the Komplete Collectors (or other versions)?

Things I hope to be included are:


Piano Colors

Electric Vintage

Picked Nylon

Prime Bass


I left out Playbox on purpose, only because it reminds me of an even more powerful version of Arcade by output, and I could see that NI would want to stay competitive for a while longer. Leaving it at full price, and for subscription with Komplete Select... But I also wouldn't mind if it made it to collectors edition.

NI + iZotope

Also, I am wondering with the connection with iZotope if we will see something completely new. Like Komplete Mix which includes some FULL Neutron Plugins with limited Komplete software, for like $500-$600, but all the way to like $1400 (also maybe upgrade pricing for complete holders)?


KOMPLETE Studio - Include Nectar / Vocal Synth 2

KOMPLETE Mix - Includes Previous but adds Neutron 4

KOMPLETE Master Collectors - Includes all Komplete software with also Neutron and Ozone

What are yall thoughts?


  • victorp.sg
    victorp.sg Member Posts: 60 Helper

    When a new version of Komplete software bundle is released, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition usually includes all individual current major version of NI software products and expansions that are available at the time of release. Any new software or software major version, and new expansions released after that will not be available to that Komplete version lifetime until the next major version of Komplete software bundle about 2 years later.

    Also, in general, upgrade sales to the new version of Komplete software bundle will not happen during the year when it was released.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,756 Expert

    I expect K14U CE will contain all NI products except few old Expansions.... And also something new. Maybe cinematic Kontakt Libraries, maybe new NI product....

    And it also might contain introductory or mediumgrade versions by iZotope and something from Plugin Aliance...

    And maybe some kind of cross bundle of NI, iZotope and Plugin Aliance....

  • Ongaku
    Ongaku Member Posts: 5 Member

    I mostly agree with you, but when I got Komplete 12C, and 13C, I remember there were a few things that it DID NOT include. I might be wrong, but I think what happened was that shortly, within weeks of its release I think they "Introduced" some new stuff, which I felt should have been included. But this time I hope your right, cause everything I have mentioned I could really use, and I am sure is awesome!

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,756 Expert

    No, as far as I remember 12U CE and 13U CE have included all stuff released till date of release (except for few Expansions). And 12U CE licence even included several Expansions that were released afterwards. And 13U CE included Massive X that came out about 3/4 of year later....

    You are right that few things were released pretty close since CE release and not included... That is life...

    In very past Komplete included everything, then Ultimate, then CE. But you are right that K11U (the highest bundle of that time) did not include all plugins. Except all Expansions also Symphony Series was not included, just its simpler younger brother.

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