Maschine Integration and workflow

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Hello everyone this is my first post here as am new to maschine

I got a little around it but I have few questions

My only use to maschine is for drum sequencing live nothing else

The main point in my setup is Xone96 & Xone k2's ( 2 )


1- Tried to map macros and levels of groups to my k2 faders. it is taking the 2k2s as one its not reading them as 2 separate controllers ( if I map left k2 to group1 volume then map 1st fader of second k2 to group 5 it removes the mapping of the first one )

it is seeing midi ( xone96 partner and Xone 96 ) which I selected them

2- How to eliminate a note sequence so I can start on black

ex. I have a snare on the 1's each step but I want to change and re-write while note repeat is on I tried it it overwrites it doesn't clear the previous and write the new notes in it writes over them so I have phasing

so how to clear the 1s and write the new pattern I want

3- If I want to move the existing group volumes to be received on ableton as input channels I can't as I have input selected as my xone96 ( I use for reverb and delay effects ) I send audio from mixer traktor to ableton for effects. do I have to create an aggregated device and add Xone &. maschine to it so I select it in ableton then I would be able to send individual groups from maschine to ableton then I would be ableton to control their volume ?

4- Any. suggestion for similar workflow maybe I am doing something wrong

below is strip down of my setup. maybe someone can suggest something different

Traktor 4 decks sending audio to Xone96 4 Channels

Xone96 send 1-2 sending audio to ( delay/reverb ) channels in ableton and back to mixer to channel A

Maschine. sending. audio to Xone96 Ch. B

Before maschine I had drum sequence playing on drum rack in ableton and controlling individual sounds volume from faders on my. k2's and pitch from knobs above them.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Josho to answer your first question, it's not possible to use two MIDI controllers with Maschine simultaneously unfortunately. 😕

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