Bouncing audio and MIDI playback output different pitch ?

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Hi guys !

So for some reason, bouncing a MIDI clip from Maschine to FL Studio results in a different output pitch than when I just play the MIDI clip back. To test this I recorded the MIDI clip playback into FL Studio and compared the pitch with that of the bounced audio file. To my surprise, the bounced audio is actually in the correct pitch, and the MIDI playback seems to be 2 semitones too low... This means I have been listening to an out of pitch/key sound all along, and only get the intended sound after bouncing to audio !

Im seeing 2 big problems here. First of all, why am I getting a different output pitch than I have programmed per MIDI ??? Second of all, shouldn't the bounced audio be an exact copy of the MIDI playback ? Am I doing something wrong, or are there some settings i'm missing that will fix this?

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