Convert Reaktor 5 patches to V6 for use with Maschine+

S Righteous
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I have the full version of Reaktor 5, but not 6. I have the 6 player which came with Maschine+.

I want to get some of my older R5 patches into Mashine+.

The old R5 patches will load into the R6 player on my computer, and I can save them in .mxsnd format, but they don't open inside of Maschine+

However, I can take an R6 patch, edit it on the computer, save it as an .mxsnd format and Maschine+ will open these. So my thinking is that if I purchased the full version of Reaktor 6, I could possibly save R5 patches in .mxsnd format which Maschine+ would open.

Is this a pipe dream? I assume others have already tried this.

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