Komplete 13 collectors edition shared content libraries - relocating rather than reinstalling

mtumi Member Posts: 15 Member


I just upgraded to the collector's edition (yay!). I installed everything on my downstairs desktop mac, and installed all the content to a removable hard drive.

Now I need to install everything on my laptop as well, but I want all the content to reside on the same drive (which is now attached to my laptop). Native Access is very dumb (sorry) and doesn't recognize the content in the HD location unless I use "locate" one at a time, and there are over 100 things to update!

Meaning everything is at HDname/NI/[content library], and the install location is set to HDname/NI/ for content libraries, but I still have 100+ expansions and instruments that I need to relocate 1 at a time, and from reading this community site it seems like maybe I can't relocate expansions at all, but will be forced to reinstall them.

Surely there is a way around this? Either some not-obvious UI option or the ability to hack some file path in a text editor somewhere?


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