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I have a S2 MK3 with the traktor 3 pro software installed. Today I will receive a S4 MK3 controller. Can I install both and switch between them? Or do I need to deinstall the S2 MK3 and traktor software?

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  • Aleix Jiménez
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    You do not need to uninstall the Software.

    When you plug the S4 MK3 to your laptop, it will automatically be recognized and added to your list of controllers (Settings > Controller Editor).

    What you may need to do, in case you are not prompted with a message, is to switch the audio interface to your S4 MK3 (Settings > Audio Setup).

    You do not even need to register your new S4 MK3 to your profile to activate Traktor Pro 3 since you already own it and have active because of your S2 MK3. So… plug&play!

    Feel free to ask any other doubt you have. 👍🏻

  • Aleix Jiménez
    Aleix Jiménez Member Posts: 72 Advisor

    Also, I’d recommend you to check out either Joe’s Easton mod for the S4 MK3, or my mod, which will work for your S4 MK3 but also for your S2 MK3 😜

  • DJames
    DJames Member Posts: 2 Member

    Dear Aleix,

    Mucho gracias 🙂. That helped me a lot. I will check out the mods but first I am going to play a bit with the S4 ;)

    Again thanks for you quick response and if I have any further questions I will let you know.

    Have a nice day.

    Kind regards

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