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Klaas Member Posts: 2 Member

Hi, I’m using Traktor Pro 3 and I’ve have a problem. The section where a see my tracks filters continuous.

And when i wanna record A dj session the REC button is not lit. So i can’t actived the REC Button.

Have someone a solution for those two problems?

I’m using Windows 11 en I7 processor.


  • Ryan_NI
    Ryan_NI Customer Care Posts: 191 mod

    Hey @Klaas - could you elaborate a little bit more about what you mean when you say "The section where a see my tracks filers continuous?" As many details as possible would be most appreciated.

    Additionally, for the recording issue, could you change the location for where the mixes are saved (This is in the File Management tab in the Traktor preferences) to the desktop on your computer and let me know if the issue persists?

  • Anselm.
    Anselm. Member Posts: 29 Member

    As for the flickering thing. It feels like a few other ppl (like me) have similar experience then me:

    When sorting playlists by bpm (haven't tried other columns) it might appear that the playlist reloads itsself and "flickers", sometimes I have to wait for ~10seconds. Like it has some "reloading" issues, maybe it is scanning the harddrive? It feels like a lot of large (flac) files can make it even harder, yet the amount of tracks in genre-Folders or the whole collection does definitely have an influence. It also gets worse when I try to enter terms in the search-input.

    Not sure if it is related but my sonsistency check is also failing/behaving strange some times...

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