Help with a mapping XOne K2 - "loop move"

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Hi 4 All

I need or I please you for help with Xone k2 & Traktor 3 pro mapping.

The top left Endoder I mapped that id I push it I have "loop active on/off" and I wnatt o make this encored what I will rotate it left or right to have a command "Move loop - by 4 bars"

I do not have any idea how to map it - maybe some of yu have this and can sher a knowlegae how to do it.

Thnaks in advance



  • Stevan
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    edited May 2022

    Id is done with the combination of the following three commands located under Add In --> Deck Common --> Move

    With the "Size Selector" you determine the amount of loop move in each direction and the "Mode Selector" tells Traktor if you want to Beatjump or Loop move.

    For the "Move" command you want it assigned to encoder-relative-7fh mode. The 7Fh mode works with K2 controller.

  • Bartix
    Bartix Member Posts: 17 Newcomer

    Thank you I don,t know why I have add 2 move and IT works fotward and back

  • Adam Element
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    Thanks for this Stevan and I have seen elsewhere online. However, after several tries im getting very crazy actions from this mapping. Its not moving the loop but the start point of the loop and not in an orderly way, more chaotic with no control? Any ideas?

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