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jonnym15 Member Posts: 2 Member

I just purchased a new Maschine MK3, and can't register the serial.

I get "An error occurred while processing your serial" every time I type it in.

How do I resolve this?



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  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,995 Guru

    Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question, but did you try literally copy-pasting the serial number?

  • maniacintosh81
    maniacintosh81 Member Posts: 301 Pro

    Have you only tried it in Native Access so far? Another option is the hardware registration page:

    If you are sure that you are typing in the correct serial number and you are sure that it is really a new unused and unregistered Maschine Mk3 you may have to contact NI support to resolve the issue.

    If the unit may has been registered before the seller has to unregister the Maschine Mk3 to obtain a License Transfer ID. The seller has to transfer this ID to you and you can use this ID to get your Maschine software.

  • jonnym15
    jonnym15 Member Posts: 2 Member

    I'm positive I am entering the number correctly. I've tried over 15 times.

    I bought the maschine new from Guitar Center.

    The hardware registration page doesn't work. I'm currently waiting for support to process my support ticket.

  • Ooomari12
    Ooomari12 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    i’m having literally the same exact issue I bought mine guitar Center brand new unused and when I type in the ID number, it gives me an error code

  • Mert_NI
    Mert_NI Customer Care Posts: 160 mod
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    Hello jonnym15, the best way to solve this issue is opening a support ticket providing the serial number of your product. So our customer care team will help you with your serial. Here is the link that you can create a support ticket clicking the chat icon on the right bottom of your page:

    I hope this helps☺️

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