Has anyone had problems with the resolution of vst plugins inside Maschine?

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Good morning community, I'm writing because some time ago after updating the Maschine software, the plugins are no longer displayed correctly in their windows (something like a bug in their resolution). That is, as such they operate correctly but, for example, when I open some vst synthesizer, all the parameters of this are not shown inside the plugin window and the mouse cursor does not point correctly to the space where I point (I click on a certain place but it opens or executes the click further away, I don't know if I understand).

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    Hey there, can you tell us with which plug-ins this happens? All of them? Only some? Can you provide screenshots or videos that could help us see what the issue looks like? Also what's your operating system? Do you have a high resolution/4k monitor, what graphic card you have and what are your display settings?

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