High quality, small 4-out interface for TP3/Mac use?

muthafunka Member Posts: 32 Helper

I'm looking for a replacement for a tiny Roland Mobile UA interface I was using for years, but unfortunately is no longer supported. It was perfect - 2x stereo outs, barely larger than a phone, bus-powered, no inputs and sounded superb. I want to use it standalone with a Faderfox DJ44, no DVS, so need headphone volume control. House out/monitor mix happens in TP3.

If possible (but not essential), I don't need inputs, just great sound and hopefully stripped-down. In 2024, it seems counterintuitive to have to go up in size to Motu M4 or NI Audio 6 just to do this, and RME Babyface and Apogee Duet have ugly dangling cables, etc. I've even looked at portable DACs but haven't found anything that looks usable. Cost isn't a primary concern but I'd rather not pay for features I don't need. That said if the form factor and quality fit though I would within reason. Any ideas?

Macbook Air M2 Ventura



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