use hardware registration problems!?

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Hello. Share the information. How can the hardware registration be recovered without malicious intent if the seller did not provide the information for the license transfer and it was not posted in the box. Is there any time limit? There is an Order and I have contacted the Ni Contact Help Center, but there is no answer right now. From the seller? I want to buy new extensions, but I can't do so until I have registered my device.



  • Kubrak
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    Generally, NI may help and contact previous user, if he agrees to transfer HW licence. If he does not agree, or does not answer at all, NI cannot do anything...

    And from my personal experience, NI sometimes does not try to contact the seller and just says NI cannot help, the buyer should sort it out with the seller....

    Generally it is better to make sure seller provides also HW licence transfer....

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    The seller does not tell me. What happens in the worst case if the seller is dead? Of course I do not want to think, but I assume that such a possibility may have occurred?

  • K.sils
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    what happens in such cases?

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    Hey @K.sils, for this matter I would suggest to contact directly our support team. They will try to help you with that.

    You can contact our team here:

    Check out this thread for more information about license transfer.

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