how to receive my traktor license for my used z2

latin Benjamin
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I bought a used Z2 mixer. The previous owner didn't give me a code to download traktor and he doesn't answer...

I've looked on the native instrument website to contact them or find an answer to my problem, but I'm going round in circles.

How can I get this code?

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    Please write in English, you can use to translate your post.

  • latin Benjamin
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    hello, I bought a z2 mixer, but the previous owner did not transfer the license to me and he no longer responds to my to do?? thanks

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    You can reach out to support:

    You have to answer some questions, after that you can get in touch with support directly.

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    Please send support a picture of both the serial on bottom of device and of the purchase receipt .

    All issues regarding serials and registration are handled exclusively by N.I. Account Support

    I agree that this is all extremely convoluted and difficult to navigate but :

    The "resolution that works" is the click through make the right choices to open a ticket : N.I. Account Support

    (You need to use browser with Cookie , Security and Extensions settings that will allow for log-in on the page for the page to work)

    Scroll down to bottom of page N.I. Account Support and log in

    Then click the Contact support

    Then again scroll down and click the Contact N.I. support that shows

    Then yes , damn it ! , then you have to click the Contact N.I. support again

    1: Do you need help with the activation or installation of a product?


    2: Is your question about License Transfers / 2nd hand purchases?


    3: We have collected all info around 2nd hand purchases in this overview.

    That doesn't help

    4: OK. Are you a buyer or seller


    5 Have you received a License Transfer Token?


    6 Have you bought it from a shop (Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Thomann, etc.) or from a private person (Ebay, Facebook, etc.)?


    7 Please ask the seller to request a License Transfer Token as explained in this article.

    I Can't contact the seller

    8 Please upload a photo of the invoice or receipt from the seller.

    You have to take the rest from there yourself since I can not start opening empty tickets just to make a guide for you.

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