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    Spectrasonics Omnisphere 3rd Party Libraries Updated to VST3

    All 3rd party Omnisphere libraries have now been updated to VST3 so if you have any of these you can download them again here:

    NOTE: There is no longer downloads for the VST2 versions of these so I would suggest people that need to keep VST2 versions maintain local backups.

    I still have backups of the VST2 versions of everything so if it is needed just contact me along with your account name.

    Keyscape VST3 Library Fixed

    If you downloaded the VST3 update for Keyscape before 27 November 2022 there was an issue where the actual Keyscape factory library was not actually the VST3 version (tho the Omnisphere library was), this was an issue in the build I did and has now been fixed. You can confirm if you have a VST3 version of a library without having to load the preset by selecting an NKS preset and checking the Edit>Properties box and confirming you have a v3.0.0 library:

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    Update: Korg VST3 Migration

    Well, doing some research and i'm not alone in the feeling that Korg are kind of a useless bunch when it comes to software, seems many are having issues moving their projects up from VST2 to VST3 with these plugins...

    Some of the Korg instruments wont migrate properly to VST3 meaning if I try and simply update the VST3 header and attempt to load the preset data the plugin will crash. Some plugins appear fine (Like M1) but Arp Odyssey is not liking things at all however I have some workarounds for this, will just take longer.

    EDIT: Managed to solve the issue and it is of course some lazy programming on the Korg side reading data at the end of the NKS that is causing the instrument to fail loading. Fixed and have this now working with a new template in VST3.

    Still, there is no "Legacy Cell" VST3 option on Windows even tho their changelog states VST3 and M1 support was added, VST3 appears omitted from Windows for some reason. I ahve asked them the question but chances are I will never hear back or will have to follow up like 17 times which seems the norm with Korg support.

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    Update: Roland Cloud

    Have updated a heap of things reported back by users (so thanks those that have taken the time to find and report issues). If you happened to find anything that is not listed here, let me know

    • Updated versioning to 3.0.0 for all libraries in this round of fixes to reflect all VST3 libraries being v3.0.0 
    • Sound Canvas Fixed Organs, Pianos and Mallets having a keyrange offset of +24
    • Sound Canvas Re-rendered previews for incorrect keyrange offset presets
    • Sound Canvas Added missing drum kits for "channel 10" but mapped to channel 1. Find under Drums
    • SRX Series Added missing "SRX Orchestra" instrument
    • TB303 Fixed missing Cutoff parameter and adjusted template a bit
    • TB303 Added non-synched playable preset bank to play presets from keyboard without host sync
    • TR606 Fixed missing preview samples
    • TR606 Added non-synched playable preset bank to play presets from keyboard without host sync  
    • TR707 Added non-synched playable preset bank to play presets from keyboard without host sync  
    • TR727 Added non-synched playable preset bank to play presets from keyboard without host sync  
    • TR808 Added non-synched playable preset bank to play presets from keyboard without host sync  
    • TR909 Added non-synched playable preset bank to play presets from keyboard without host sync  
    • Zenology Series Fixed Factory bank E XV Collection missing bank name
    • Zenology Series Fixed missing previews for some banks
    • Zenology Series Set version to 3.0.0 to reflect VST3 compatibility
    • Zenology Series Updated "Model Expansions" presets with osc edit controls for each model
    • Zenology Series Added some additional tagging

    All libraries should now show 3.0.0 as the version in Properties within Komplete Kontrol

    Delete existing library and download/replace with the included ones. No need to replace the database files.

    Now Available: Roland Cloud Zenology

    Zenology is now available, some may have seen this pop up on the site last week but there were a few issues which I had to fix but it should now be good to go.

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    Now Available: Steinberg Halion 6

    NKS library now available for Steinberg Halion 6 that includes fully tagged files, sound previews, database files and banks for the following instrument libraries:

    • Anima
    • Auron
    • B-Box
    • Halion Factory
    • Halion Sonic 2 Combis
    • Halion Sonic Factory
    • Halion Sonic SE
    • Hot Brass
    • HS3 Combis
    • Model C
    • Raven
    • Skylab
    • Studio Strings
    • Trium
    • Voltage
    • World Instruments
    • World Percussion

    Basic macro control is available at the moment as there appears to be an issue with Halion where learned parameters do not recall on a different system for some reason. More testing needs to be done in this area and if it can be improved I will issue an update but for now the macro control is available and presets should launch in the VST3 version of Halion.

    I have not had a chance to test this on macOS so please test the demo of this first to be sure.

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    Update for Korg Collection 3 to VST3

    I have an update that should hopefully work for macOS users or anyone wanting to update to VST3.

    This was nothing short of painful to do since it seems different instruments have completely different programmers handling them and there are different issues each one has. I find the whole Korg eco system a mess TBH.

    Anyway, some of these were updated to VST3, some migrate on their own and some have been completely redone from scratch. There are some things to be aware of tho:

    • LegacyCell is not yet updated. There is no VST3 version available for PC and even tho I asked Korg a week ago, I still have heard nothing back (a pretty standard result)
    • Some plugins such as Wavestation will open in either VST2 or VST3 versions of the plugin BUT the controls don't match up. Wavestation only has 3 controls available so I have managed to create a "VST2" and "VST3" page that can be used.
    • If you have both VST2 and VST3 versions of plugins you may find the VST2 version will open instead of VST3. The only fix for this is to remove the VST2 version from scanning into Komplete Kontrol

    I have tried to test as much as I can with the time I have and things seem to work fine but if you hit any problems please let me know.

    At the current moment I only have the whole Korg Collection available for the VST3 update, I will get to updating the downloads for the individual instruments soon, just at the moment this will do as I need a bit of a break.

    I will have an update available probably in a month or 2 for the Korg Collection 4 instruments so don't stress, just focused to get a few more collections of libraries updated to VST3 to try reduce the inquiries a bit.

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    Kork collection sounds about right :) They are developmentally constipated

  • Kymeia
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    Re Halion etc - on Mac the Steinberg VST3 plugins are not working well for me in KK and Maschine - I either get no sound or random sound in response to midi and Halion is also crashy - there is meant to be a fix coming for this but I don't have it yet, do you? How did you get them to work?

  • JesterMgee
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    Yeah you would think Steinberg would have better plugins really but I have issues in other areas. TBH I have not really tested it on Mac, tested on 2 different PC (win 10 and 11) both fine. I don’t have a USB SSD for my MacBook and it’s got pitiful storage so hard to install things on. Hoping a few more can test, mainly looking if the presets load correct. Performance issues are steinbergs department but this is why I haven’t yet done Halion sonic or others, I’ve found controller bugs myself so it’s not a good start, hence why currently only macros are mapped even tho I spent hours making in-depth templates, they didn’t work switching machines.

  • Kymeia
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    You would considering the fact VST3 is the format they have imposed on everyone they do a bad job at providing exemplars of how it is used

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    I think a major part of the problem on Mac is they are deprecating their e-licenser dongle so it hasn't been updated to run on Apple Silicon without Rosetta 2 but most of their plugins still require it. Half the time I'm getting 'license not found' errors on my system (even though for Halion I have to be running KK in Rosetta for it to even show up). The rest of the time erratic midi response and general crashiness (not just in KK)

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    Don't see the "upgrade" for Korg VST3 in the Korg section, that say "see below" but nothing....

  • JesterMgee
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    send me a contact: https://freelancesoundlabs.com/contact

    Include the link to the page and your user account name. It's likely you dont have the Korg Collection bundle which is what the upgrade is for

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    Hi Jester

    Another issue I am encountering with Halion NKS on Mac, which I am not sure is present on Windows machines. If you load the Halion plugin in KK and then load another plugin in its place, you are unable to revert back to Halion. You get the following error message. Seems it may be an issue specific to Steinberg plugins.

  • JesterMgee
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    Yeah doesnt happen on Windows. Seems a Steinberg issue (or just another mac issue) and i'm not supprised. I think VST3 is a world less reliable than VST2 from the things I ahve found over the years and seems the people that develop it are just as bad at making their software.

    So can you provide the actual steps to make that happen so I can follow and check? Also is this on an M1 mac or a "normal" mac?

  • Kymeia
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    I can't even get it to play on my Mac (M1 Max, Ventura) - won't respond to midi (same with Padshop only it randomly responds to midi)

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