Rename feature for lock States on Maschine/Maschine+

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Hi Native Instruments!

Just saw your new youtube video with Jeremy from Red Means Recording about arranging a beat on Maschine+. Also you published amazing video with him about lock states earlier.

I also followed some of the steps on both videos and I found myself in some kind of frustration working with lock states that is caused by the fact I'm getting lost in my lock states list.

Do you have plans to add a "Rename" feature for lock states? I guess it would be great to name these states for example "drums mute" or "all mute" (as Jeremy did in the last video).



  • Olihop
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    Indeed, it would be much more user-friendly.

    I also regret the fact that we have to access the locks by using the shift button. It would be very convenient to be able to access them through a dedicated button and put this interesting feature back on the front of the scene.

  • tetsuneko
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    Here's what I do:

    Ever since owning my first Elektron groovebox, I've adopted a sort of "braille" technique for storing patterns on a device with identical looking slots next to each other. The trick is to leave deliberate "holes" in the pattern spaces, and memorizing the shapes of these holes and how they correspond to the content on the page. I've found this works remarkably well for me, I can still remember contents of some pattern lists years after I stopped gigging with them..

    You can apply this exact same technique on Maschine for almost anything - sounds, patterns, lock states...

    For example, I always use the bottom left and right corner of lock state page 1 for storing my MIDI program changes and the pgm "reset" state, and leave their adjacent cells empty. Just create your own shapes and invent meaning for them!

  • Nick Hess
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    I realize this post is from a year ago but I wanted to echo this feature request. I have been incorporating lock states and morphing into a lot of my performances recently and it can be really difficult keeping track of what is what when all of the lock states don't have names and are all the same color, would love to see this expanded in the future

  • Soundsmith23
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    +1 for this , just started using lockstates for live performance and it would be very helpful to be able to assign colours and names to them :)

  • Nihilo83
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    Yeah! Please Extend the Lockstate Features. Is one of the biggest advantages from Maschine against other Products! Renaming, and Selecting silently like the Pad Selection to make some deeper adjustments during a live act would be a game changer! And I would love to see to have the possibility to save the lock states for each group not for just a whole project. So adding a feature to have lock states on a Group level, Sound level and Project/Master level would be a huge selling point.

  • 6xes
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    the post above yours, with the suggestion to use colours can be done, with the midi change/midi mode... this is of course is of no use to people who dont utilise midi change/midi mode regarding lock states

  • 6xes
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    The other aspect of the lockstates is the fact that lock states i believe need to be redone for every project that is reloaded... which basically makes the process of lockstates a tedious process if used on a project by project basis!!

    the way around this is to run dual instances of maschine in standalone... or run multiple maschine instances as a VST ...and then create a dedicated lockstate template on 1 of the maschine instances... to route your maschine audio out and then back into the lockstate template...

    syncing then becomes the issue you need to address, which is easily addressed if you are familiar with sync'ing or ableton link and routing virtual audio becomes a requirement

  • Impermanence
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    It is funny that renaming lock states is thought to be a feature request.

    I think it is a bug that they can’t be renamed. And i quess the colors are going to be extra for subscription customers.

    There is a workaround. Create a pad that sends activation note for a lock state. You can rename the pad. As 6xes wrote.

    I made a group for this, saved it and haven’t used it since.

  • 6xes
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    one aspect i've never tested with the lock states, is how many you can have...

    i would guess that one could have up to 128 lock states for activation per instance, which for a maschineJam is easy enough to do.

    if i was to ever make up a lock-state template with that many states, the consideration of which plugins to use it with, would be the real consideration & also organising the plugins with the rows&columns & colour coding them...on a maschine Jam, at least by doing this... you'd have some resembalance of what button does what!

  • Nihilo83
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    Yeah. But im talking more from the Maschine+ / Dawless perspective.

    Would be handy if the purpose and the usability and User Experience could be approved.

    Won't be a huge task. At least simple things like renaming without any workarounds. Regarding amount of Lockstates, There are 4 Banks with each 16 Lockstates witch will or is very confusing "which state is what" :D

  • 6xes
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    if it comes about, that renaming of lockstates becomes a thing... thats certainly a bonus for all who own a M+

    creating lockstates on a per project is the reality, which is probably the bigger time saver needed vs renaming

    but what would i know.... i dont own a M+

  • ozon
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    There have been a good number of requests regarding Lock States in the Share Your Ideas for Maschine section. So NI is aware of this.

  • Nihilo83
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    Totally agree!

    I think every improvement on Lockstates will be a game changer anyway :D So lets hope the best!

  • 6xes
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    i remember watching this some time back, which essentially is making use of pattern changes and lock states being used with a novation launchpad... this im sure you are probably aware of!

  • Nihilo83
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    Thanks for sharing. with additional gear i know there are some kind of workarounds - pretty handy indeed. But regarding to a small dawless live setup with external synths etc its some more controllers and it will get back to the almost "daw based" systems. Even with the lack of usb-ports/Adresses.

    But thanks a lot man!

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