Is there a way to remove the bass under KICK?

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Please download video.

Watch this video. I like this drum, but there is a bass sound under the KICK of this drum set, how to cancel this bass sound?

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    It's a synthetic 808 style kick with a semi-long tail, just make it shorter to get rid of the tail, using an EQ for this is not the best approach IMO.

    Set it to AHD instead of One-Shot and turn down Hold and Decay, like so:

    Or, Truncate the start of the sample and add a fadeout in the Sampling Menu:

    The first approach is what I would recommend since it's not destructive, so if you change your mind you can tweak it later. Very common for drum sound design and even mixing; some people also do this with a transient shaper but IMO that should be a last resort.


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