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[Mac M1] How do I prevent Maschine 2 from scanning AU plugins?

bmanic Member Posts: 2 Noise
edited May 2022 in Maschine

Maschine 2 keeps crashing all the time upon plugin scan. Always the same plugins. I know I can delete the ScanApp.app and force it to never scan anything, but I WANT it to scan a very particular small subset of effects that I know work within Maschine 2 under rosetta2 emulation. How can I get past the initial first install scan but then scan a specific VST plugin folder with curated few plugins?

At this moment the stupid ScanApp insists on going through ALL my AU plugins. I do NOT want that. I've tried renaming the AU plugin folder (Components folder) but that hasn't worked. It still finds them all.. and subsequently crashes upon scan.

I've now wasted two days trying to get up and running with this new Maschine Mk3 controller and I'm quickly starting to get extremely annoyed. Has Native-Instruments really fallen this far behind the competition? No way to manually scan specific folders and force just a subset of known working plugins?


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