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Is there a reason why NI is basically only software company in which upgrades do not simply replace the previous version? Examples: I currently have Kontakt 5,6&7 on my computer along with Guitar Rig 5,6&7 various ABsynths, Reaktor, Massives and Monarks. They really need to do better.


  • darkwaves
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    Doesn't most music software handle things this way? I have both Cubase 12 and 13 installed.

    Minor version updates are likely backwards compatible. Major version updates may not be backwards compatible, so keeping both versions means old projects still work.

  • Vocalpoint
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    Why would anyone want that?

    Certainly would not want 185 songs I did with GR6 to be overwritten with GR7 just because I upgraded.

    Can't actually think of a single valid reason why anyone would ever want to risk this.


  • cobramusic
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    If you have separate versions installed, then if there is a major bug in the newer version that prevents you from doing what you need to do, you can go back to the previous version until the bug is fixed.

    I know this saved me when I upgraded to Cubase 13 and couldn’t use it because of GUI issues. I just kept using 12 until it was fixed

  • battery3mine
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    Logic upgrades simply eat the prior version.

    If you want to keep it, you must first alter the file name to keep the prior version. This was true not just for minor updates but when major upgrades: L7 to L8 to L9 to L10 occurred you could delete the prior versions because existing projects were converted over

    Most of the other 3rd party software that I have opens the newer version of the plug-in or instrument when a project is opened. Zero percent of those plug/ins or V.I’s destroy prior functionality with the upgrade. So worrying about losing performances is a non issue.

  • MorrisEd
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    It is there way of ensuring backwards compatibility on finished tracks. I agree, though, that the new version should replace the old one while also ensuring older tracks can still load the new version. It gets really annoying for something like Analog Dreams whereby all the patches are merged together in KK. You have no way to tell patches from V1 to V2 until you load it, and V1 is pretty useless since it offers zero none of the sound design tools of V2. Also, all of these multi version Play Series instruments cause crashes all the time. Honestly, all Play Series instruments should just be one plugin with different preset and sample packs.

  • D-One
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    Sometimes to move forward and evolve software has to break existing functionality, if it would always overwrite the older version than older projects stop working... This was a big problem in the KK world where V2 and V3 can't fully coexist, I certainly don't want the same to happen with Maschine.

    It can get annoying to have V4, V5, V6 etc... But losing functionality or not being able to open older projects is a much bigger problem than a simple annoyance.

    Logic is an exception, it's designed only for one platform (Mac) and has it's own plugin standard too (Au), it's basically an oddity in the DAW world.

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