Ableton Live 12 keeps crashing with NI / Kontakt 7

Jimmy Lewin
Jimmy Lewin Member Posts: 1 Member

Working on a project created in Ableton Live 11.

But now, with the upgrade to 12, it keeps crashing on me. And it's not only traditionally crashing the program, but the computer (Macbook M2 Max / Sonoma 14.4) and the double screens I have goes all black, and restarts automatically.... and when choosing to "recover the work", not much are actually recovered.

It happened 6 times within 2 hours yesterday, and I managed to locate it to when I'm using Electric Sunburst (Kontakt 7, last update).

I am certain this is due to Ableton 12 Live being so new, but if anyone have any quick fix (or any fix at all) to this since I can't work with any previous project as Kontakt 7 is included in all of them... then well, feel free to throw me those ideas this way :)

(And if you are a NI fanatic, then hold off a month or two to upgrade to Ableton Live 12, just sayin'...)


  • MorrisEd
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    Not surprised. I believe if we ran the numbers on these forum posts, a large percentage would be “Insert NI Product” crashes on “Insert New OS.” Their software is dated and no longer viable on new platforms imo. Buyer beware.

  • Ed M
    Ed M Member Posts: 148 Advisor

    Same software versions, same OS version, but a 13' M1 MBP: I opened and tested a few patches of Sunburst and Sunburst deluxe. They all performed as expected in Ableton 12, no crashes or other problems. It's probably best to look into it with NI support.

  • DunedinDragon
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    Any chance there might be bugs in the new OS? Or are they infallible in that alternate dimension you live in? In this dimension you're not going to hear much from those of us where everything works as expected because we know how to appropriately run and maintain our computers.

  • JesterMgee
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    Sounds like usual MacOS behaviour to me, not a NI issue but more a "When Apple releases a new OS everything breaks for everyone" kind of problem that has existed since the mac was born.

    That's why most experienced users never update to a new OS for months or at the very least, check forums and reports BEFORE updating to make sure things are running smooth. We live in a world now where everyone wants the latest more than they want reliability. That disposable mentality.

    Meanwhile, Windows users just get to use their software without the novelty of having to carefully research and test every update.

  • ivicam
    ivicam Member Posts: 58 Member

    It's not only Kontakt, but also Guitar Rig, Komplete Kontrol and who knows what else… To reproduce this crash, do the following:

    1. Load Kontakt 7, Guitar Rig 6 or Komplete Kontrol VST3 to an Ableton Live 12 track (the problem may exist with other NI plugins as well but I didn't bother testing it further)
    2. Activate Mission Control (for example, swipe up with three fingers on MBP trackpad or Magic Trackpad)

    HYPERCONFIDENCE Member Posts: 2 Member

    I can't get Live 12 to even find Kontakt 7 with the new browser. Pretty annoying. Can't find a Kontakt 7 dll file to drop into the VST folder?

  • mediacave
    mediacave Member Posts: 16 Member

    It‘s not MacOS alone or NI alone it‘s a combo of both, so they both use conflicting resources. When I use Reason Studio all works fine.

    When I try to use Kontakt 7 libs as a plugin together with the new MK3 S88 keyboard:

    a) logic crashes with a crash report (sent the crash report a few times to Apple)

    b) Ableton live 12 reboots without warning (sent the crash report to

    All other software (Video editing, VMs (Windows, Linux etc.), Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, After Effects, Blender 3d) don‘t crash on my M3 Max Macbook. The problem must be in way that there are resources being used that interfere each other a bring the system or application to shut down. Perhaps a firmware Update of the NI hardware could help, maybe the binding and registration of authentication… I don‘t know, I am not a programmer. Seems to be a hardware depending problem.

    strange thing is, Reason Studio has no problems. Maybe asking them could help? Maybe NI can buy Reason Studios as well 😂

  • 4ndr3w
    4ndr3w Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    If I had a penny for every time I had to update via NA. I'm in a loop here, open Ableton 12, try to open Kontakt 7, Ableton freeze (white screen of death) and Ableton crashes. I will send my crash reports in too to see if this helps. Basically unusable at this point. I have one channel with a bass guitar and am trying to use another - it starts when I added a second instance of Kontact 7. I normally can't be bothered with forums but after a quick search I found this thread with others experiencing the same issue. I purchased the collectors addition with my S88 MK2 so yeah I'm pretty annoyed about this.

  • Boontown
    Boontown Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi Y'all,

    I have a very old 2012 MBP with SSD using Catalina and recently upgraded to Komplete 14 so I could get the Ozone plug ins amongst other things. Since then Ableton (Live 10 Suite) has struggled taking forever to load and then crashing during operations it could have handled before upgrading to 14.
    I thought initially that my computer was finally due for an upgrade but now after reading these posts I get the feeling that a new computer with a faster processor would not fix this issue.
    So I am of the opinion that Komplete 14 is messing with Ableton.

  • Boontown
    Boontown Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Add to my previous comment - as a test I created a new project and used only Ableton instruments and Universal Audio Plug ins and had no issue at all.

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