During Analysing my Database songs are tagged as Blues genre

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I'm fresh user of Traktor 3 Pro. During the analysis of my song database, Traktor setted a third of my songs on the genre "Blues". Originally is was marked as 000.

Yesterday I get a litlle bit used with the software and all songs with the Genre 000 were also changed to Blues.

Why and where are the setting to disable this?

Regards roman



  • PK The DJ
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    How did the three zeros get in the genre tag? 000 is not a genre.

    Maybe the software is seeing that as an error and replacing it with an actual genre.

  • lord-carlos
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    Mhh, I have never seen Traktor change a genre. Analyzing does not touch the tags.

  • zephry
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    A quick search tells me id3v1 in mp3 files uses 00 as an indicator of blues genre.

    I am no expert in this area but here is the link from Wikipedia click the drop-down list titled ID3v1 defined genres


  • Heisenberg
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    You probably can't deactivate it, but you can prevent it.

    It's best to prepare your library properly, e.g. with software like MP3tag, which will help you later browse (search and sorting) your music in Traktor if your music provides the metadata accurately.

    Depending on how large your library is and how good the quality of the existing metadata is, the whole thing can mean more or less work.

  • Roman_B
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    Hi guys,

    thanks for your answers!

    @PK The DJ - the 000 are my general organisation for Mainstream Pop/Rock, so I assume the answer from @zephry is pointing in the right direction, as other genres were not touched.

    At the end I will follow @Heisenberg's suggestion and retag my database. I was hoping to avoid it.

    Again thanks for your quick answers.

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