Can I delete manually all directories / files and regestry entries, then do a fresh install?

Damian B
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Having issue with install. Mid way through installing Komplete ultimate, my external Drive letter was reassigned by Op after removing HD and reinserting. Now Native access says cant find many titles and reinstall and repair did not work so manually reassigned location. Another funny thing was that it installed the application files on my c drive after I indicated I wanted them on my external drive. I want to delete everything and do a clean install. Add/Remove applications does not work because it keeps trying to find drive that does not exist and the reg tool uninstalls one at a time. This will take too long and drive me crazier than I already am. Can I delete the reg entries and files manually and then download and install again, or will this cause problems?


  • reffahcs
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    I had a similar issue on a Mac where I just had to delete an entire library and some other stuff to finally just reinstall it.

    What you're wanting to do is a bit extreme, but in theory it work. Some issues would be cleaning the registry of everything Native Instruments could prove to be tedious. And tracking down all the hiding places of Native Instruments software might take some time. On Windows, some vendors like to sneak files into C:\ProgramData as well as the usual Program Files and Program Files x86 folders. You'll also have to check your AppData folder too as to make sure nothing residual is in there.

    In theory yes, that should allow you to reinstall. It honestly might just be easier to reinstall Windows than try and tease out every last NI file/registry entry on your computer.

  • Damian B
    Damian B Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
    Thanks Reffahcs. The registry should not be that much of a problem because all the entries are grouped under Native Instruments. Just have to search each section. The files are a bigger issue because the installer seems to have put them wherever it wanted to. My main concern is that Native Access keeps some log where it will continue to say that it cant delete original installation like it does when I tried to repair and reinstall.
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