Xone K2 - Limitations of Latched Layers

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as i build my mapping from scratch, i am studying many existing mappings out there.

some mappings utilize the latched layers and there is one major drawback that i have not seen addressed.

say for example, i am in layer green, and in that layer, i have a knob that might be assigned to the low freq EQ gain. then in the next layer orange, that same knob might be assigned to an effect knob.

if i am currently in green layer, and i adjust the knob to set the low freq eq...then i switch over to the orange layer and then turn the knob to set my effect, what happens when i switch back?

the knob is now physically set for the other layer.

here are the major drawbacks that i can think of:

1) the physical knob now misrepresents where my eq actually is
2) whenever i turn that knob, it won't respond until i cross the point at which it was previous set?
3) theres no way to make adjustments from different layers simultaneously, like adjusting an effect while also adjusting the eq

if so, switching between layers and keeping track of what is actually happening seems unworkable.

do i understand this workflow and it's limitations correctly?



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